Requirements To Qualify for The UK Governments Storage Grants

Requirements To Qualify for The UK Governments Storage Grants

The UK government has introduced an energy efficiency scheme. Through this ECO scheme it can help reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty. The storage heater replacement grants are part of this scheme. You ought to qualify to apply for this government grant. So, what are the requirements for it? If you thus qualify, you will be eligible to avail of the free electric storage heaters. You can check your eligibility on the government website. It will take only a couple of minutes to do so. All those eligible can fill in a form with the details asked thereof.

An energy advisor will contact you if the department finds you eligible to receive a free electric storage upgrade. It is as simple as that.

Eligibility Requirements

So, what are these requirements to become eligible to avail of the new electric storage heaters?

  • You are a homeowner
  • You rent a property from a private landlord
  • Your primary source of heating is electricity
  • You receive at least one qualifying government benefit.

This eligibility enables you to receive the installation of an efficient storage system from the UK government. With this home improvements scheme, you are taking an eco-friendly step forward. And through this, you play your part in energy conservation. And is the need of the hour to make the earth a better place to live for the present generation as well as the coming ones.

Home Improvement on The Go

By qualifying for this free storage grant, you can get other advantages too.

  • Qualifying allowances like the jobseekers allowance and employment support allowance
  • Qualifying benefits like housing benefits
  • Qualifying credits like child tax credits, universal credit, pension credit guarantee, working tax credit, and pension credit savings credit

So, it is expedient for you to avail of the free heater storage system scheme in more ways than one. Along with the citizens, it is the government also that benefits. It can meet its goal of energy conservation with the help of these beneficiaries. Hence if you have been using an outdated heating system, check for your eligibility for the government scheme on and avail it as soon as possible.


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