The Art of Creating Egyptian Perfume


  Live On Zoom this, The Art of Creating Egyptian Perfume- comes only 4 times a Year .


This Class will cover 

  • Natural Perfume creation techniques
  • Aromatic directions
  • How to blend natural  perfume top, middle and base accords 
  • Create two perfumes

      LAH  a solid perfume based on the moon and the feminine divine energy

     ATEN  a perfume based on the spiritual energy of the sun and  empowerment

  • Ancient Egyptian Aromatic Ingredients


What’s Included:

  • 3 hr  live Zoom class
  • Handouts 
  • Recording
  • ​Materials Resources Guide
  • ​4 hours NAHA CEU
  • Q&A  Session


Material  Kit available for additional cost ( 50 $ include beautiful Egyptian perfume empty glass  bottle – 3 x 5 ml Citrus , floral , woody base blends  – 1x 15 ml empty glass bottle – 1 solid perfume base in aluminum tin – 1 x 10 ml roll on bottle – Pipette – smelling strip)

To purchase the kit click here 

After finishing the class you will know how to :

  • Develop a natural  Perfume
  •  Formulation knowledge
  • How to select the right ingredient for each perfume  application
  • How to price your perfume

Class will Include :

  • Workbook
  • Recipes
  • NAHA 3 CEU Certificate


Saturday January 23rd

1:00 PM EST ( NYC Time ) to 3:00 PM EST ( NYC Time)

Click here to know your local time



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