Ginger Andro

About: Ginger Andro

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  • Role : Instructor
  • Website :
  • Experience : 25 Years
  • Specialist in : Aromatherapy

Hello My name is Ginger Andro  a certified Aromatherapist, the NAHA Regional Director of New Jersey
(Hudson Valley Region), Secretary of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter of the America

Herbalist Guild and is a partner in Kiki and Friends Aromatics.

I am  a registered Spiritual Phyto Essencing Practitioner, an Animal Aromatherapist
and has a certification in EFT (tapping) and studied Animal Acupressure.

I  also has a BA in Fine Art and a certification in Natural Perfumery.
And believes that essential oils are a beautiful medium that encourages emotional healing, communication and aesthetic expression.

I am here to share my knowledge with you as  an artist, educator and lover of animals and someone passionate  for science and art.