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  • Cassie Concrete (Acacia farnesiana L.) 15 ML


    Cassie concrete is made by extracting Acacia farnesiana blossoms in a solvent. Cassie has an aphrodisiac and spicy scent and is used in various types of perfumes, including floral and oriental types, similar to mimosa. Cassie grows in Egypt in the Nile Delta region, Egypt is one of the main producers of Cassie concrete & absolute. Details: Botanical Name: Acacia…

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  • Free Introduction to Aromatherapy

    Free Introduction to Aromatherapy



    Our Aromatherapy program is for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of Aromatherapy and seeking to become qualified in the therapeutic uses of essential oils.

    Come Join us in this amazing Journey, see you inside !


    You will learn:

    • What is Aromatherapy
    • What is an essential oil
    • Essential oils safety
    • Methods of extractions
    • Blending techniques
    • Recipes and formulations
    • 5 essential oils profiles
    • Carrier oils
    • A gift for you