Free Introduction to Aromatherapy

Free Introduction to Aromatherapy

Free Introduction to Aromatherapy


  1. Essential oils profiles- ITA

    1. Essential oils profiles - Basil- ITA

    2. Essential oils Profiles - Geranium - ITA

    3. Essential oils Profiles - Frankincense ITA

    4. Essential oils Profiles- Helichrysum ITA

    5. Essential oils profiles - Lemon- ITA

  2. Welcome ITA

    1. Health Disclaimer - ITA

  3. What is Aromatherapy? ITA

    1. What is an Essential oil ? ITA

    2. Methods of Extractions - ITA

  4. Recipes & Formulations - ITA

  5. Stress Blends - ITA

  6. Carrier Oils - ITA

    1. Argan oil - ITA

  7. A Gift For You - ITA

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