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“The journey was a surreal dream. This world was about knowing the person you’d always wanted to be and setting your foot down to it, remembering the person you’d thought you were as a child and rejoicing in its living, breathing actuality” Christopher Hawke

Welcome to the Ebers School of Aromatherapy, and thank you for choosing our school for your certification program. As an approved institution by NAHA, we adhere to their qualifications and celebrate the uniqueness of each student.

Our goal is to make meaningful contributions to the Aromatherapy community and equip our students to become Certified Aromatherapists worldwide. The 75-hour NAHA Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist Online Program provides unlimited 24/7 access to course materials, including videos, assignments, blending activities, and live coaching sessions in both English and Arabic.

I am Raghda Abdelmaksoud, your lead instructor. With 25 years of experience in business development and supply chain in the medicinal herbs, flavors, fragrance, and essential oils industries, I became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist in 2015. In 2016, after 23 years in corporate America, I made a career shift, founding Ebers Consulting—a company dedicated to essential oils ethical sourcing, business development, and logistics.

In 2018, I started teaching aromatherapy globally and became NAHA Egypt Director & International Relationship Chair. Following my presentation at the NAHA conference in UTAH 2018, the idea of Aromatherapy study tours was born, leading to organized tours to Egyptian farms and distilleries.

In 2020, I launched Ebers School of Aromatherapy—an online and in-person NAHA-approved school offering Aromatherapy holistic education programs and workshops. My mission is to develop Aromatherapy globally and support women-owned small businesses.

I believe that plants are a universal language connecting us all—a source of nature’s healing journey and a living example of hope.


Raghda Abdelmaksoud Lead Instructor & Founder”


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